Teardrop Makeup Sponge

Non Latex Teardrop Foundation Sponge

Material is green imported raw materials, at least is cosmetic level,also have medical food grade.


Comparison of the current domestic similar products, the actual shape of the our product specifications and requirements of error is small, no major deviations between each product. From the actual use of the product, when soaked in soapy water, after drained the water can still rebound to the original shape. And our company's products normally can be rebound within 1s, Material is very fit to skin and does not absorb cosmetics and hurt the skin.


We will help our customers to design newunique products and volume production. Also we can according to the customer's ideas to meet the actual demand for the products.




- Material: Latex Free

- Shape: Waterdrop, cutted waterdrop

- Feature: grow big when wet.

- Easy to wash using mild dish soap or baby shampoo


How to use:


- The large end can be used to smooth over foundation, while the tapered point is perfect for blending concealer over more targeted areas of your face. We also love flipping it on its side to blend out those defined lines involved with contouring.

- Teardrop shape is easy to hold and very ergonomically correct. Though the Teardrop sponge is most commonly used when wet, as it produces a less heavy, sheer finish, it can also be used dry with specific products with which you may want heavier coverage, as with some concealers, or if using a water based product.

- Rinse it after finish and air dry.

- If properly cared for, can last up to 3 months

In addition, we can be customized according to your sample.

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